Unobtrusive Continuous Multi-Metabolite Monitoring for a Physiological Care of Insulin-treated Diabeteslearn more

About Us

Diabetes is a disease affecting the body’s ability to control its blood sugar levels. Under environmental and societal changes, the number of people affected by it has doubled in virtually four decades. Meanwhile, the efficacy of current treatments highly depends on the individual’s ability to correctly track their glycaemic levels and to self-deliver insulin accordingly. At the same time, glucose monitoring systems can lack precision and are not capable of forecasting impending insulin depletion, thus exposing the patient to dangerous glycaemic levels.

MuSiC4Diabetes sets out to change the current paradigm in diabetes management. Through the development of a smart device integrating multi-metabolite (MM) sensors and high-precision insulin-delivering pumps, the project will offer a compact, safe and long-lasting solution.

01/10/2023 start date
48 months of duration
3.9 Mil € Budget
7 partners from 4 countries

The Device

The MuSiC4Diabetes project will introduce a new state of the art in diabetes management technology. By combining technologies of physiological signal detection, high-precision insulin delivery and algorithmic forecasting, the project intends to develop a hyper-integrated and unobtrusive device that will significantly alleviate the burden put on the patient. The multi-metabolite sensor will keep track of key signals to ensure a constant glycaemic monitoring while the high-precision insulin pump will deliver insulin accordingly.

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