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Project start

Press release: Start of the MuSiC4Diabetes Project: Improving Type 1 Diabetes Treatment through Unobtrusive Continuous Diabetes Management Technology

06/03/2024 - 09/03/2024

17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes

The MuSiC4Diabetes Consortium will be part of the 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes in Florence this year! Chiara Toffanin (University of Pavia), as well as Martina Drecogna and Claudio Cobelli from University of Padova will be at the conference, which takes place from 6-9 March, 2024.

📍 Location: Florence, Italy

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08/05/2024 - 11/05/2024

Diabetes Kongress DDG

Diabetes Kongress 2024 08-11 May 2024

The 58th Diabetes Congress of the DDG will take place in Citycube Berlin from May 8 - 11, 2024. Under the motto: "Diabetes. Environment. Life. Perspectives from all angles", the congress will host presentations and foster discussions giving a voice to different perspectives around diabetes mellitus.

The following main topics will be approached:

  • Perspectives: Exercise, nutrition, environment - what is preventive, what is diabetogenic?
  • Everything in view: Molecular & mechanistic foundations of diabetes
  • Artificial intelligence. Digitalization. Technology. Foresight for research and care?
  • Care and young talent: looking to the future
  • Focus on people: Living with diabetes

📍 Location: Berlin, Germany

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11/06/2024 - 14/06/2024

MED 2024: 32nd Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation

MuSiC4Diabetes partners University of Padua and University of Pavia will present their work at the 32nd Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED 2024).

📍 Location: Chania, Crete

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09/09/2024 - 13/09/2024

EASD 60th Annual Meeting

The EASD Annual Meeting 2024 is an excellent opportunity to stay up to date with recent developments in the diabetes field, it is the interface between discovery science and clinical practice where key discussions take place that will move the field forward. Discover the vibrant athmosphere at EASD 2024, connect and interact with colleagues from all over the globe - it will be inspiring and energising to be surrounded by others working towards the same goal!

📍 Location: Madrid, Spain

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26/09/2024 - 27/09/2024

Consortium meeting (in person)

📍 Location: Montpellier, France

11/11/2024 - 14/11/2024

Medica 2024

With over 5,300 exhibitors from almost 70 nations and 83,000 visitors, MEDICA in Düsseldorf is one of the largest B2B medical trade fairs in the world. A wide range of innovative products and services from the fields of medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, physiotherapy/orthopaedic technology and medical consumables are presented here. The extensive program of first-class forums, conferences and special shows offers opportunities for interesting presentations and discussions with experts and politicians and also includes pitches of new products and award ceremonies.

📍 Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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09/10/2025 - 10/10/2025

Consortium meeting (in person)

📍 Location: Würzburg, Germany

14/10/2026 - 15/10/2026

Consortium meeting (in person)

📍 Location: Brussels, Belgium

24/09/2027 - 25/09/2027

Consortium meeting (in person)

📍 Location: Padova, Italy


End of project