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The Research Institute of the Diabetes Academy Bad Mergentheim (FIDAM) specialises in diabetes technology and human factors research. FIDAM has a long tradition of developing and evaluating person-reported outcomes that systematically assess the perspectives of people with diabetes on new interventions and technological advances. FIDAM has also developed and evaluated several education and treatment programmes, such as INPUT for people using insulin pump therapy and FLASH for people using continuous glucose monitoring devices. More recently, FIDAM has launched the online diabetes panel dia-link with monthly surveys on health policy issues to highlight the voices of people with diabetes on relevant issues. FIDAM members are actively working on national guidelines for the psychosocial treatment of people with diabetes and are involved in the planning and development of a national diabetes plan for Germany.

Role within MusiC4Diabetes

Within Music4Diabetes, FIDAM will address the human factors of the newly developed solution. Using both qualitative interviews and quantitative questionnaires, the perspectives of people with diabetes on obtrusive and unobtrusive management will be thoroughly assessed. One of the main aims of our work is to better understand what is needed and how a technology needs to be designed to achieve unobtrusive diabetes management. Another key aim is to develop an online training programme for people with diabetes and their diabetes care team. This training programme will be designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to use the newly developed solution, but will also address the identified human factors to increase acceptance and clinical utility.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Dr. Norbert Hermanns
Prof. Dr. Norbert Hermanns

Head of FIDAM, work package leader within MuSiC4Diabetes

Photo of PD Dr. Dominic Ehrmann
PD Dr. Dominic Ehrmann

Senior Researcher at FIDAM, Co-work package leader within MuSiC4Diabetes

Photo of Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kulzer
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kulzer

Head of FIDAM, Co-work package leader within MuSiC4Diabetes

Photo of Katharina Finke-Gröne
Katharina Finke-Gröne

Researcher at FIDAM, scientist within MuSiC4Diabetes