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Indigo Diabetes

Indigo is developing a continuous multi-metabolite monitoring system (CMM) designed to monitor and help improve the outcome of a range of chronic diseases. This innovative disease management solution provides individuals and their caregivers with real-time data on metabolite levels without needing to wear an external device. Initially focusing on the diabetes market, Indigo's CMM platform technology has been optimized to monitor glucose, lactate, and ketone levels, making it the next-generation continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) tool. Beyond diabetes, Indigo’s monitoring platform has multiple applications across other chronic diseases and has the potential to revolutionize health outcomes.

Role within MusiC4Diabetes

Indigo plans to further develop its continuous Multi-Metabolite sensor (CMM), eliminating the need for additional finger sticks through factory calibration. The sensor employs optical absorption spectroscopy to simultaneously measure various biomarkers, including glucose, lactate (indicating anaerobic activities), and ketone bodies (a secondary fuel source). Integrating these biomarkers offers comprehensive insights into energy homeostasis, addressing current reliability concerns. Indigo aims to modify the CMM sensor design for in-body communication using BLE, intending to establish a robust communication link and protocol for closed-loop control in pump systems. To ensure reliability, Indigo must validate its sensor performance against iCGM criteria set by the FDA (integrated continuous glucose monitoring system). Additionally, Indigo will develop a predictive algorithm model for glucose, lactate, and ketone concentrations with clinically relevant accuracy.

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Juan Ordonez

VP of Technology Development

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